597th anniversary of granting city rights to Zwoleń

February 20 is a special day for all citizens of Zwoleń. Then we celebrate the “birthday” of our city.

This year, the Regional Museum, joining the program of the celebration of the next anniversary of granting city rights to Zwolen, organized a gala of awarding prizes to the winners of the second edition of the “History in my family” competition and the opening of the exhibition “Zvoleniana. Stories hidden in objects ”.

We sincerely thank all the guests, headed by Mr. Staroste Stefan Bernaciak and Mr. Mayor Arkadiusz Sulima, and the Director of the State Archives in Radom, Mr. Kazimierz Jaroszek and the President of the Society of Zwoleń City Enthusiasts, Bogusław Jaworska, as well as the contest participants, their parents and guardians, who attended the gala, teachers, school principals, as well as every sympathizer of Zwoleń and the Museum who honored us with their presence and words of appreciation.

We are glad that we could celebrate this extraordinary day together.

Thank you!