Gaining the collection

Protection of historical and cultural heritage is our main statutory task. One of the way of its realization is gaining the collection.

We gain new objects to the Museum by purchase, donation or acceptation in deposit. Many of them we find by ourselves, but it is very helpful when we get offers of sell, donate or lean from individuals.

If you are interested with helping us and have in your homes old photographs, graphics, maps and plans, documents, books, cloths, everyday-use objects, tools, furniture and other things connected with region, please contact and visit us! We’ll be very gratefull if you may send pictures of the objects to us (e-mail or social media).

Wanting to keep the procedures connected with gaining the collection prescribed by Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and European standards for museums and art galleries, we ask you to prepare personal data and elementary information about object, which are necessary to complete the offering formula.

Great thanks to all of you, who already shared with us their family souvenirs and collections. We hope for further cooperation!