120 years of Volunteer Fire Department in Zwolen. The album accompanying the exhibition

Ed. K. Madejska, K. Mazur, Regional Museum in Zwoleń, Zwoleń 2019

The album “120 years of Volunteer Fire Department in Zwoleń” was accompanying the exhibition of the same title, organised by Regional Museum in Zwoleń. There are archival photographs and photocopies of documents connected with activities of local OSP unit. Among the most interesting materials included are the eldest photographs – the first Board and members of organization from 1904 and members of amateur theatre from the beginning of 20th century. There are also digitally reproduced copies of documents referring to the establishment of the unit (written down in Russian foundation act from 1899), building of the fire-station or activity of OSP’s orchestra. The publication is also provided with the calendar, ordering knowledge about the history of volunteer firefighters in Zwoleń.

Therefore, this album contains the most important facts and materials connected with history of Volunteer Fire Brigade in Zwoleń, commemorating its members’ achievements in this way.

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