Zwolen and the region on the old maps and plans

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The main purpose of publishing the book “Zwoleń and the region on the old plans and maps” was to familiarize a wide audience with the cartographic image of the Zwoleń region.

The effort of two-years query carried out by the Author in archives, museums, libraries and domestic and foreign offices resulted in gaining the information about almost 300 maps and plans, mostly unpublished before. That amount of gained source materials let for showing the history and cartography of region in interesting way.

Among over a hundred of cartographical materials used in publication there are general, small- and medium-scaled maps, dated from 16th to 20th century, on which Zwoleń is clearly pointed, and also detailed city plans and surrounding properties and villages plans with the oldest map projection from the 1st half of 17th century. Collection of the second ones is limited to the places located within a dozen or so kilometers from Zwoleń, related to the city by administrative, church and trade dependencies.

The catalog of maps and plans was enriched with brief descriptions of the circumstances of their creation, as well as related documents and photographs. In some cases, old plans have been superimposed on modern maps to illustrate the changes that have occurred throughout history.

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