Rosette by Wincenty Flak, 1930s

The sculpture is a composition of almost thousand floral and geometrical elements, made of linden wood and put on red material. Its creation dates back to 1939. Practically intact lasted 2nd World War, in 2001 got in Museum.

The author of Rosette is Wincenty Flak (1870 – 1943), self-taught sculptor from Zielonka Nowa nearby Zwoleń. His works decorated interiors of the palaces of European crowned-heads – Austrian emperor and king of Romania, and the sculptures given to Marshal Józef Piłsudski and president Ignacy Mościcki expressed artist’s deep patriotism. Thanks to his great talent, during the German occupation, he was able to save his sons from deportation to concentration camp – governor Hans Frank let them free in return for beautiful, sculpted coffer. This events strongly shook Wincenty – he died shortly after that, in 1943.

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Wincenty Flak (1870-1943) – the unobvious artist