Affranchisement crosses near Zwoleń

07 May 2019 Lecture

Unknown monuments of complicated Polish history

Wayside crosses and chapels – we see many of them while driving through the country. They don’t amaze, rather not delight, we don’t think about them more than few seconds.

However, our today’s lecturer, Mr. Paweł Puton, proved that they are worth to take more of our precious time. In fact, less of us know, where did they come from, who put them on wayside and why. It appears that crosses, unequivocally linked with Christianity, not always were the signs of local society’s religiousness. Very often they are testimony of hard and painful times of tsarist’s slavery and illusory hopes…

Maybe after this lecture some of the listeners will try to find some unknown memorials of manumission in Radom district in 1864.

Special thanks to Mr. Paweł Puton for interesting lecture and everyone for coming.