Pious and mundane

13 October 2018 Lecture

Inscriptions of the church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Zwolen.

Temples are places full of words. Residing in them we may hear loud prayers and singing, whispered remarks or information about history and architecture given to us by a guide.

However, churches are places where we can read words as well. Unfortunately, it’s very easy for us to overlook them. Many times we also don’t even look at them, because we don’t know what they could mean.

During today’s lecture PhD Paweł Madejski (UMCS Lublin) let the auditors know the secrets of the inscriptions of Zwolen’s church. He was speaking as well about the hidden ones, which we cannot see even if we want to, as the ones we see each time we visit this temple. He also explained the meaning of words and formulas placed in specific spaces of the church.

Special thanks to Mr. Madejski and to all of our guests. Hope to see you soon on the next meeting at Museum!