120 years of Volunteer Fire Brigade in Zwolen

from 09.06.2019 to 31.07.2019 Past

The 120th anniversary of establishing of the Volunteer Fire Brigade (Ochotnicza Straż Pożarna, OSP) in Zwolen become an inspiration to create the exhibition showing amazingly opulent history of this unit.

The appointment of Society of the Volunteer Fire Guard (Towarzystwo Ochotniczej Straży Ogniowej, TOSO) in the end of 1899 was a very important event in the history of Zwolen. Since that time volunteer firefighters have guarded inhabitants’ safety and also have participated actively in social and cultural life of the city.

120th anniversary of foundation of this fire guard unit was an excellent occasion to bring closer the most important and the most interesting moments of its history to local community.

The exhibition officially opened on 9th June 2019 presents archival documents, photographs, uniforms, fire equipment, decorations and banners.

The most precious exhibits are the protocol book from 1899 with founding act in Russian and the commemorative photography of members and first Board of TOSO from 1904.

Among other objects presented at the exhibition worth-mentioning are also:

  • antique fire-fighting and rescue equipment from the beginning of 20th century – two lift-and-force pumps and motor pump produced by Karol Oschner’s factory in Bielsko;
  • gala uniforms from 1950s – 1970s – including gala uniform with decorations belonging to private collection, borrowed for the duration of the exhibition;
  • fire helmets from turn of the 19th and 20th century;
  • banners belong to the unit – the eldest from 1948 renovated in 1999 for the 100th anniversary of establishing OSP in Zwolen.

The exhibits come from OSP’s, Museum’s and private collections. Remembrance of the first members of volunteer Fire Department nurtured by their successors and posterity allowed to create the exhibition, which you may visit until July 31.

The exhibition is accompanied by a book – album “120 years of Volunteer Fire Department in Zwolen” ed. K. Madejska, K. Mazur, The Regional Museum in Zwoleń: Zwoleń 2019 and four occasionally issued post cards.


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  2. M. Celi
  3. Muzeum Regionalne w Zwoleniu






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