The face of God

Icons of Fr. Stanisław Drąg

from 20.02.2021 Past

At the exhibition at The Regional Museum in Zwolen you will see numerous icons: Christ the Almighty (Pantocrator), images of Our Lady for e.g.: Hodegetria (Virgin Mary pictured frontally), Eleusa (Madonna and Jesus cuddling to their cheeks), and the Sign (Our Lady holding a medallion with an image of Immanuel); Holy Trinity, Archangels, biblical scenes illustrating events of Virgin Mary and Jesus' lifes, images of saints: Nikolas, Cyril, Methodius, George, Helen, Adalbert, Stanislaus and Evangelists: Luke and Matthew.

Author of the icons, Fr. Stanisław Drąg, was born on 1st September 1941 in Kałków. He studied theology at Higher Seminary in Sandomierz. On 5th June 1966 he was ordained to the priesthood. He built a church, established a new parish of Saint Hedwig in Radom and became first parson of it. Later, he was also a parson in Grabów nad Pilicą. Nowadays, as a priest-retired, he stays close to garrison church in Radom.

Since his young age, Stanisław Drąg was interested in painting. As a student he fascinated in Orthodoxy – its tradition and great richness. He has written his icons for over 50 years, he wrote almost 2000 untill now. He calls his art work “an evening prayer”, and the icons – “boards to heaven”.

Works of Fr. Drąg was presented at more than 130 exhibitions, the icons he wrote are parts of many private collections in the country and abroad. At the moment some pieces of his art you may admire in Private Museum of Icons in Radom, established by priest himself.






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