Croatian Zadar – a piece of Polish history

from 02.04.2019 to 06.05.2019 Past

Board exhibition by Dubravka Pascuttini-Mossor and Marek Zalewski about links between Croatian city and Poland.

Poland and Croatia, Cracow and Zadar – how this distanced places might connect? By common ruler, specifically the Angevin dynasty.

Representatives of this royal family indicated their influence as well by the Vistula as of the Adriatic coasts. Louis and his daughter Jadwiga marked their traces in Polish and Croatian history by important political decisions but also by material souvenirs.

Photographs of places and things connected with the Angevins are showed on this exhibition. While you will admire the shrine of Saint Simon – main attraction of the city and exhibition – you may take yourself to this beautiful, history-teeming corner of Europe.

Exhibition open till 6th May.






Wincenty Flak (1870-1943) – the unobvious artist

God’s service and individual piety

Kochanowski™ From a portrait to the brand


Zwoleń and the region on the old plans and maps

The face of God


20 shades of Przemek

Zwoleń and Zwoleń land on a postcard

Like a colorful Christmas tree…

Zwolen September’39

Mater Dei

120 years of Volunteer Fire Brigade in Zwolen

Croatian Zadar – a piece of Polish history