Kochanowski™ From a portrait to the brand

from 26.06.2022 to 11.06.2023 Temporary

The history of Polish culture is full of great names. It is enough to mention them, and in the minds of the listeners, specific images related to the certain person immediately appear.

We can certainly include Kochanowski among such figures. Jan Kochanowski, a poet from Czarnolas. Author of trains, epigrams and songs. Polish nobleman, coat of arms Korwin. A tall man with a bushy mustache and beard.

For hundreds of years, various artists have shaped the image of Kochanowski in people’s imaginations, sometimes following the example of his oldest 16th-century performances, and sometimes completely changing this face. However, Kochanowski is always Kochanowski. A brand in itself.

Let’s take another look at the portraits of this outstanding artist, let’s look at the face behind which there was a great talent. Let us try to find what inspired artists for centuries and made us remember the greatest poet of the Polish Renaissance.

At the exhibition, you will see numerous images of Jan Kochanowski, ranging from the oldest ones, made at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries, to contemporary posters and graphics. These will be portraits, sculptures and bas-reliefs, as well as genre scenes, introducing the figure and life of the poet from Czarnolas, as well as examples of medals, philatelic and other forms in which the face of the poet has been reproduced.

The exhibition is prolanged to 25th November 2023.






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Kochanowski™ From a portrait to the brand


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