Like a colorful Christmas tree…

Christmas tree decorations from second half of 20th century

from 10.12.2019 to 31.01.2020 Past

On temporary exhibition “Like a colorful Christmas tree…” you may see Christmas tree decorations from 2nd half of 20th century and Christmas post cards form 1940s to 2000s.

Most of the objects we present are Christmas baubles given to the Museum by local society. These ones with irregular shapes and colors – mushrooms, snowman, swans or black – attract the most attention. During the PRL times the baubles were produced in Nowa Dęba, Chorzów or Sandomierz and it is very probably that our objects come from that works.

Very interesting might be also Christmas post cards illustrated by famous graphics, for e.g. Jan Wilkoń, Jan Marcin Szancer or Jerzy Gorazdowski. Once issued in series, now are collector’s item.

Next to the Christmas tree decorations and cards must be a Santa Claus, although not the one from films and ads, but the real one – bishop from Mira, who showed us the way to make our family and friends happier on the Holiday time.

While seeing our exhibition you may sit comfortable in old armchair and feel the magic of the former Christmas…






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Zwoleń and the region on the old plans and maps

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Zwoleń and Zwoleń land on a postcard

Like a colorful Christmas tree…

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