Assessor’s Badge


OBVERSE: in the central part, in a circular border crowned sign AII – the monogram of Alexander II of Russia; outer part divided into 4 parts, included inscriptions: 19 ФЕБРАЛЯ/2 МАРТА// 1864 ГОДА // 19 LUTEGO/2MARCA // 1864 ROKU [19th February/ 2nd March 1864]; above two chains attachments.
REVERSE: in the central part, in a circular border coat of arms of the Kingdom of Poland; in the outer part inscription: ЛАВНИКЪ // ŁAWNIK [ASSESSOR].

Office of the Assessor in the Congress Poland was established by the supplement of the enfranchisement act issued by Alexander II on 2nd March 1864. The Assessors, elected by the local community, with the Mayor of the Village they adjudicated in the hearings of the Town Court.