Employees of the PPP in Zwoleń

The photo shows the employees of the Poultry Production Plant in Zwoleń at work.

The photo was taken for the press. The reverse is as follows:

“Poultry” of Zwoleń is the country’s largest producer of processed poultry. A whole range of excellent cold cuts is produced here, ranging from hams, through sirloin, sausages: Radomska and Zwoleńska, brawn and many canned food. The annual production of this small processing plant is 900 tons of products (cold cuts and canned food), intended for supplying the domestic market. Poultry cold cuts from Zwoleń are sought after by many domestic recipients, enjoying well-deserved fame for both their taste and durability. The “Poultry”, operating for 4 years, from the very beginning operated on its own account, and the word subsidy (although these are meat products subsidized elsewhere) is an unknown word here. Thanks to good work organization and even better economy, “Poultry” achieves very good financial results, influencing not only the earnings of employees, but also the price of products, which are now cheaper than free-market rural ones. Thanks to the people who four years ago made the bold decision to establish a poultry processing plant, today it is possible to alleviate the meat difficulties on the market today.