Figurine of Gypsy


Porcelain figurine of dancing Gypsy, hand-painted, produced in Ukrainian factory.

A dancer wears long, three-ply, white skirt, patterned with red flowers and dots and black blouse with puff sleeves. On Gypsy’s head there is a red headscarf, in her ears big, golden earrings are hanging. This figure looks very dynamic – it seems like the woman may turn in dance in every second.

This type of porcelain figurines were extremely popular in many houses along 20th century, as element of decoration. This specific figurine was brought from USSR, then was given to the Museum.

Kievan Experimental Factory of Artistic Ceramics, which is a producer of this object, was established in 1924. After 2nd World War it was one of the biggest producer of porcelain in USSR.