Saint Roch


This piece of art, ordered and donated by Elisabeth Procka nee Musielewicz, was painted by unknown artist in 1853.

For many years this painting was shown in the church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Zwoleń. Nowadays it is one of the objects on Museum’s permanent exhibition.

Saint Roch lived in 14th century, he came from rich, bourgeois, French family. However, he abandoned his fortune and as a beggar made a pilgrimage to Rome. During his road to the Eternal City and back to his hometown – Montpellier, he offered his help to people suffering from plauge for many times. The one he met immediatelly experienced miraculous cure. Saint Roch was worshiped as patron at the time of epidemic since 15th century. He is also an intercessor of chemists, gardeners, pavers and prisoners.

In iconography he is showed as beggar with dog or gripsack.