The 17th century chalice

Gilded silver chalice was donated for the Rosary Brotherhood in Zwoleń by Hieronim Kochanowski, nephew of the poet of Czarnolas. Exact date of the donation is unknown. Engraving on the edge of cup’s footing which contains that information is mutilated, it’s possible to read only three digits: 16[.]6. However, the most probably, this vessel was produced at the latest at 1630s, because last mentions about the donator appears in sources for 1636.

The goblet of the cup is decorated with basket with ornament, similar embellishment was applied on footing. On the nodus – convex element of the shaft – there are three winged heads of cherubs. Such look of the cup also allow to suppose that it was made at last in the late 1630s.

We don’t know much about the donator. First information about Hieronim Kochanowski refers to his singing up to the Cracow Academy in 1592. Most of his lands was located in Radom district and land of Przemyśl. In 1622 he was the deputy to the Crown Tribunal, ten years later he received the nomination for the office of Sandomiria Master of Hunt. He was married twice – firstly with Regina Grocholska, second with Katarzyna Tarnawska of coat of arms Sas – and had five children. Died before 17th May 1636, his wife’s actions done to secure family’s wealth refers to this.