About us

Regional Museum in Zwoleń was founded in the 70ties of the 20th c. thanks to the efforts of the local activists and historians from Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. From the very moment of its creation the Museum aims at preservation of the memory of the people, events and places that constitute the cultural heritage of Zwoleń and Zwoleń region. The fact that the Kochanowski family, with the famous Renaissance poet Jan, was closely connected with Zwoleń and Zwoleń region (Sycyna – Czarnolas – Zwoleń – Gródek) is a pivotal advantage for the Museum – together with the turbulent Polish history.

The Museum collects, preserves and exhibits (temporarily or permanently) archaeological, historical, ethnographic artefacts together with local folk and modern art. The Museum staff do research and publishes its effects in journals and books. The educational activities of the Museum are differentiated (workshops, museum lessons, lectures) and dedicated to the local community and all people interested in Zwoleń region history and culture.


Museum Council