The collection

The Museum collection consists of artefacts from different periods and types, mainly produced and usted by people living in the Zwolen region.

The oldest exhibits date from prehistoric time – these are neolith relics explored at the Zwolenka river valley.

Written documents related to history of Zwolen and its inhabitants are a large group of objeccts, as well as photography but also fabrics and everyday life items.

A separate part of the collection form papers and sculptures by a folk artist Wincenty Flak (1870-1943) from Zielonka Nowa village.

The Museum collects also books, magazines, posters and leaflets related to Zwolen region. Most of the Museum’s collections items were acquired through donations. The Museum’s collections are divided into departments: archaeological, historical, ethnographic and art. The collections are available to the public as permanent and temporary exhibitions and are available for scientific research purposes.