The papal bull of Paul V for the Rosary Brotherhood of Zwolen

The document issued by papal chancellery for the Rosary Brotherhood in Zwoleń. It contains information about privileges for Brotherhood members. Most of the bull’s text tells about indulgences for this community, obtainable in exact days and on special conditions. Whereas, their main duty was to bring glory for their parish.

The bull was prepared very carefully, with all standards for papal documents. Among formulas we may find traditional expressions, thanks to which it was possible to read the text from devastated parts of document. Diligent calligraphy and fine initial letter turns it into little piece of art.

There are lack of information about who made an effort to obtaine the bull. It might be contemporary parson of the Zwolen’s parish – priest Stephen Wilkostowski, coat-of-arm Pomian or maybe Kochanowski family, engaged to helping local church.

The Rosary Brotherhood – receiver of the document – was established at least few years before issuing the bull. It could be connected with establishment of similar communities in other places of the region. Zwolen Brotherhood united men and women from among the city. They were honored by local community with donations, for example from Hieronim Kochanowski.