Borderline table of Ghetto in Zwoleń

Made of wooden plank with inscription in German and Polish language on it: GRENZE DES [JU]DISCHEN WOHNBEZIRKS – GRANICA DZIELNICY ŻYDOWKIEJ (Eng. Jewish District Borderline). Found nearby Saint Anne’s wayside chapel, close to the former Kowalska Street.

Ghetto in Zwoleń was created in 1941. It was inhabited by ca. 6 – 7 thousand of Jews from entire region. In was located in the south side of Zwolen and was not separated from the rest of the town with any wall or fence. Only sign of the borderline was the table, exactly the same like the one above.

On 29th September 1942 people in the Ghetto was commanded to go to the railway station in Garbatka, placed ca. 15 km away. From there all Jews were taken to the death camps, thereby Ghetto in Zwolen was annihilated.