Croatian Zadar – a piece of Polish history

02 April 2019 Lecture Vernissage

Croatia is a corner of a world teeming with history. Zadar - the main character of our exhibition is the best example of that. Enormous monuments built already in 8th century give you an opportunity to touch the heritage of these lands.

In a turbulent medieval history of the Balkan Peninsula there was also a piece of Polish past. The Angevins, whose representatives – Louis and his daughter Jadwiga – sat on the throne of the Kingdom of Poland, indicated its influence also of the Adriatic coasts. The traces which they left over themselves there, are also strictly related to Polish history.

Prof. Dubravka Pascuttini-Mossor and Marek Zalewski gave us very interesting view to all of these issues. Their lecture, accompanying to opening the exhibition, encouraged many listeners to visit this beautiful, historical place.

But before we plan trip to Croatia – let’s visit our Museum and see the newest exhibition.

Special thanks to the prelectors and all the guests for being with us today.


  1. Muzeum Regionalne w Zwoleniu