Mater Dei

from 15.08.2019 Past

From 15th August The Regional Museum in Zwolen presents the exhibition of paintings by of Urszula Bydlińska entitled “Mater Dei”. Her works are made by oil technique on canvas, and are usually small in size (50x60 cm). On the exposition you can see pictures of Our Lady in colour – “Folk Madonnas” – as well as series of black-and-white images – “Alma Mater”.

The First type of paintings is extremely cheerful, rich in form – different colours and finesse patterns – but also in the meaning; second one is meditative – by using only black and white and the topic chosen. Nurturing Mother, one of the most beautiful symbols of the catholic religion, additionally strengthened by reference to present days. Both types of paintings are linked to primitivist way of art., there are also clear accents of the borderland – the eastern folk art.

From the review of Agnieszka Wójtowicz (Art Brut Gallery, Centre of Culture, Lublin): Bydlińska by her contribution in art shows and manifests her views and also views of many women – mothers. Bold, though with finesse and delicacy, sensitivity she gives her voice in the social discussion about important and current topics. She’s a sensible artist, who – except for showing beauty and divine of young women feeding the new life speculates and provokes, gives higher dimension to her works and doesn’t let the receiver to be indifferent to her art.

The exhibition opens as a part of the Culture Fair in Zwolen on August 15th

Urszula Bydlińska was born in Siedliszcze in 1970s. She’s UMCS in Lublin graduate in history. She’s an amateur oil painter. In her artistic works she tries to resurrect the old manor houses and orthodox churches, she transfers landscapes to canvas, captures landscapes. She also copies well-known artists (especially art deco and works by Tamara Lempicka). She’s inspired by carnal, vivid subjects, but also sensitive for what is spiritual, sacral and immaterial. She lives and works in Siedliszcze. She has over 20 individual and 30 group exhibitions. She’s a member of Creative Society Province in Siedliszcze and Society of Creators of Culture and Art PLAMA of Łęczna (Leczna).






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