Zwoleń and Zwoleń land on a postcard

Greetings from Zwoleń

from 20.02.2020 to 27.03.2020 Past

595th Anniversary of granting municipal law to Zwoleń is a great opportunity to show our city from its' best side. This time the exhibition in Museum will be dominated by postcards.


Cards presented on our exhibition may be divided on few topical groups. They are connected with city’s architecture, history, most popular objects and figures. Also with other places of Zwoleń region and natural beauty of this land – landscapes and wildlife.
The eldest of presented postcards came from beginning of 20th century. They were printed in famous printshop of Jan Kanty Trzebiński in Radom. They were ordered by municipal authorities and local institutions, like for example museums. Pictures, which you may admire on postcards were taken by famous Polish artists – Edward Hartwig, Piotr Krassowski, Krzysztof Jabłoński, Tadeusz Sumiński, Zygmunt Hamerski or Lech Charewicz, but also by local photographers: Stanisław Kopciński and Waldemar Gołdziński.

Post Office

While preparing the exhibition, we could not miss the objects connected with Poczta Polska. Reproduction of 1930s postman uniform or telephonic switchboard are just few of the things which created magical atmosphere of former post office, once one of the most important places in the city…

The objects we present come from few owners. The largest part of the postcards belong to Krzysztof Skarżycki – historian, museum curator in Radom. Elements connected with post office are mainly borrowed from Museum of The Lublin Village.

Exhibition open to 27th March.






Wincenty Flak (1870-1943) – the unobvious artist

God’s service and individual piety

Kochanowski™ From a portrait to the brand


Zwoleń and the region on the old plans and maps

The face of God


20 shades of Przemek

Zwoleń and Zwoleń land on a postcard

Like a colorful Christmas tree…

Zwolen September’39

Mater Dei

120 years of Volunteer Fire Brigade in Zwolen

Croatian Zadar – a piece of Polish history